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Holidays and get-togethers can be wonderful and entertaining guests is always a great idea. It's a great way to spend time with your family and make new friends. These parties are even more enjoyable when you host them at your home. It never ends. You can dance, sing and even drink a few bottles wine. Then you start to think about how your home will look after all that is done.

Your hardwood floor may be a hindrance to your enjoyment of your party at home. The guests will be wearing stiletto heels and leaving permanent marks on your hardwood floor. That can really turn off the party mood. This post will give you easy ways to protect your party floor from common floor damage.

Four Ways to Prevent Common Floor Loss

1. Maintaining your property is essential

No matter what type of floor you have, maintenance is always necessary. Make sure you have swept and vacuumed your floors before the party. Make sure you pay close attention to any new spills or stains after your guests have left. You can call professionals for help with stubborn stains or difficult to reach areas.

2. Do not wear shoes

Shoes can only be used outdoors. They can cause damage to your floors inside your home. They can bring in dirt, wetness and tracks from all sorts of things. Ask your guests to take off their shoes before they enter the house. You can ask your guests to remove their shoes at the door if they have to.

3. Sticky felt pads should be placed under all movable furniture

Your house may need to be rearranged for the party. Your guests might insist that you move a chair from one end of the room to the other. After the party, your hardwood floor will be scrubbing up scratches. Sticky felt pads can be used under the legs of your furniture to ensure that they glide smoothly over hardwood floors.

4. Use floor runners and rugs

Every guest has a favorite spot. This is the place where hardwood floors (or carpets) take the most abuse. You can prevent this by putting floor runners or area rugs in these places. They can save the day, and your floor will look as good as new after the party.

Refinish hardwood floors to make a lasting impression

Your floors should not be a concern when you host a party for friends and family. Our hardwood floor refinishing team at Sutton understands your requirements and will ensure that the party is not about the losses. engineered hardwood flooring has given party hosts an incentive to host more parties without worrying about damage.

You can trust our Sutton hardwood flooring installation professionals, satisfied customers, and years of experience. Call us at 020 3369 4055 Contact us online to receive professional assistance.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Hardwood Flooring Types

 If you're looking for hardwood flooring, you certainly will be spoilt for choice. The selection of hardwood floors on offer today, both on the High Street and internet is greater than it's ever been. What's more, as there are several providers, in regards to deciding where you buy your hardwood flooring, it's certain you're going to have the ability to secure yourself a fantastic thing. With an increasing number of people rejecting carpets in favour of easy to keep, natural and great looking hardwood floors, you could not select a better option than a excellent hardwood floor. But the question is: what sort of hardwood flooring should you choose?

While many people are fooled into believing that engineered hardwood flooring is similar to laminate flooring, they couldn't be farther from the reality. Laminate flooring consists of an image that's sealed on a backboard and can be only made to look like real hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood floors on the other hand is a faux floor board that's made up of layers and layers of wood, which are secured together to create a strong core plank, which is then topped off with a good hardwood lamella or surface.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hard wood flooring is ideally suited for almost any room in the house, but is especially ideal where you suspect there will be significant increases and falls in either from humidity, and, or temperature. The particular rooms in which you would not normally fit solid hardwood flooring, but could fit engineered hardwood flooring are bathrooms and kitchens. In these rooms, as you can imagine, moisture and temperatures vary enormously and consequently, solid hardwood flooring is extremely likely to warp and bow in time, resulting in an uneven floor surface as well as openings, which can be far from ideal. Thanks to its structure, engineered hardwood floors does not expand and contract to the exact same extent as solid hardwood floor, so will defy the challenges in those chambers.

Add to all this, the very fact which you are able to fit engineered hardwood floors over under floor heating and you start to see why so many people are choosing this option over solid hardwood. Nevertheless, many men and women argue that just good hardwood floors is the real deal, even if engineered hardwood flooring appears pretty much the same.

Solid Hardwood

Engineered wood flooring is created by cutting boards from one species of tree and employing those planks to create the flooring planks. This kind of floors is time tried and tested and has been considered from the aristocracy of decades ago by to be the floors of choice. That is the reason why so many stately homes and homes boast strong hardwood floors of many different types.

Hardwood Grade

Regardless of whether you opt to plump for engineered or solid hardwood floors, you will have the ability to pick from a variety of finishes and grades to match both your budget and your preferred color scheme in addition to your lifestyle.

When hardwood is lumbered, it is graded into distinct grades according to the number of knots it matches in addition to the consistency of its colour and the amount of sap it comprises. Broadly speaking, the smaller the knots, the lower the sap content and the more uniform the colour, the higher the grade of timber and, of course the greater the price. That said, the caliber of timber you choose is a personal thing.

Irrespective of whether you decide on engineered or solid hardwood floors, you'll have the ability to choose from prime, select, rustic or natural grade wood. Prime grade wood has the lowest and fewest number of knots, the smallest quantity of sap and the most consistent colour. Unsurprisingly, it also conveys the highest of the hardwood cost tags. As you move down the listing to rustic level, the number and size of knots increases as does the inconsistency of the color and the quantity of sap. Inversely, the price goes down as you move down the list. Which option you choose will be based on the look you're seeking and how much you've got to spend.

Hardwood Finish

When it comes to complete, once more, no matter whether you plump for engineered or solid hardwood floors, you'll be spoilt for choice. You will find all sorts of finishes available nowadays , ranging from hardwearing lacquered finishes, that even come with UV filters to store fading from sunshine, to natural appearing matt oiled endings and all in between. No matter whether you want a new, light, nearly white look for your flooring or you would like to go for cutting edge, nearly black, there is a colour and finish that will match. Even the aged and distressed hardwood floors which are available on the market nowadays are so persuasive that you'd swear they were centuries .

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Finishes for Hardwood Floors - Why Are They Different?

The intention of this guide is to explain the unique attributes of the different finishes for hardwood floors, so as that will assist you pick the right type in accordance with your personal taste and needs. Each hardwood flooring finish has its own benefits and appearances. Your final decision will determine the way your surface ought to be cleaned and preserved.

But what exactly are finishes for hardwood flooring?

Wood finishes refer to this procedure for safeguarding your floor against dirt, wear, stains and humidity whilst giving the wood its colour and luster. In case you choose to install a new floor or refurbish your existing one, an excellent finish job is necessary in order to guarantee protection and create a long-term attractiveness.

Unfinished hardwood flooring:

An unfinished wood floor as the name indicates refers to the type of flooring that's delivered raw, and after installed is stained, sanded and sealed.

Although pre-finished flooring has become easily the most popular of finishes for hardwood flooring, investing in unfinished hardwood flooring will offer you a wider variety of colors and complete. The simple fact that finishing is implemented on the entire area when the floor is installed, will ensure there's a level of continuity in the surface compare to pre-finished flooring where each panel has been refinished separately. In addition, these floors can be easily paired with any other existing wood floors you may have in certain parts of your residence. It is almost impossible to discover a prefinished floor which will match with the remaining floors, but you can always personalize an unfinished hardwood floor in order to give it the exact same appearance.

Another Another advantage of unfinished hardwood flooring worth considering is stability. The fact that boards fit perfectly together and you are able to sand them as soon as they're installed will guarantee greater stability than a prefinished hardwood flooring, where the panels are finished individually. This can be a distinct advantage for areas expected to receive heavy traffic.

Last but not least, even though installing and finishing your bare hardwood floors is a time-consuming procedure which may last for days, it will often cost you less than pre-finished flooring. It also will provide increased value for your home, as though you choose to sell it one evening, the next owner will have the ability to customize the flooring in accordance with their own personal taste.

Prefinished hardwood flooring:

Pre-finished hardwood refers to flooring that is already coated with stain and urethane by the manufacturer before distributed on site. They are available in many color choices and usually last longer than unfinished floors.

It is obvious that installation of pre-finished hardwood is faster and easier compared to unfinished floors as you don't have to undertake the extra step of sanding and staining once the floor is installed. You can simply walk on it once installation is complete. Hence, you will avoid all the dusty mess spread in the room through the sanding process as well as, all toxic ingredients and unpleasant smells.

Moreover, since the floor has been coated at the factory with powerful chemical sealers which are not available for unfinished floors, the finish will be very durable and free of dust or brush hairs etc. In addition it will come under a long-term warranty by the manufacturer and in general it will last longer before restoration needed. This also implies that maintenance of pre-finished floors is easier, thanks to the strong coat applied on the surface which provides great resistance on humidity, stains and discoloration.

Which type of finish is best for my hardwood floor?

  • In order to choose which finishes for hardwood floors is best you need to consider:
  • Your lifestyle
  • The amount of traffic your floor is expected to receive
  • The amount of effort you are willing to put into maintenance

All hardwood floors require regular maintenance, but different finishes will play a major role on the appearance of your floor as well as how you maintain the surface long term.

Types of hardwood floor finishes:

There are two types of finishes available to choose: surface or penetrating finishes.

Surface finishes are the most common option nowadays and as the name indicates this type of finish will ensure protection by laying on the surface and forming a shield between the floor and the environment. Clearly, when you are touching the surface you are actually touching the finish. Surface finishes consist of synthetic resins, solvents and other ingredients, and are usually referred as urethane's or polyurethanes. They are durable, resistant to moisture as well as easy to maintain and any of these finishes are suitable for the kitchen or other rooms where water is expected to leak on the floor often.

Penetrating finishes are oil-based finishes and can be found on most of residential hardwood floors today. As the name implies, such finishes soak or penetrate deep into the wood pores in order to protect the floor from dirt and stains. In addition, these oils might also contain a stain, in order to enrich the color of the flooring. Penetrating finishes are difficult to apply and you can choose between high gloss, low gloss or satin finish. For extra beauty and wear resistance wax can be used, but needs to be reapplied periodically.

Furthermore, penetrating finishes are suitable for most spaces, except areas where the surface might come often in contact with water, such as kitchens or other daily eating areas. Not that they are not moisture-resistant, but if water stays for a short period of time on the surface, spots will appear.

Although penetrating sealers are difficult to apply, they can easily be repaired. Also, areas of the floor that begin to show wear can be refinished by blending the new finish into the existing one. Signs of the repair won't be obvious. Lastly, keep in mind that only certain cleaning products can be used on the floor when a penetrating finishes are applied. Water is forbidden!

Surface finishes:

There are four types of surface finishes available

  • Water-based urethane - This is a durable and moisture-resistant finish, which is easy to apply and doesn't take more than two to three hours to dry. Once applied, it appears crystal clear and its main characteristic is that it won't turn yellow or darken over time. In addition water-based urethane is an environment friendly finish and cleans up easily as you will need only soap and water. Note: highly recommended for DIY project.
  • Oil-based urethane - This is the most popular of surface finishes for hardwood floors and is available in gloss, semi-gloss and a satin sheen. It has a durable finish which consists of a blend of synthetic resins, plasticizers and other ingredients, and once applied it gives the wood a rich glow that can't be achieved with water-based finishes. Oil-based urethane is easy to apply but can take approximately eight hours to dry. It is important to mention that this type of surface finish tends to turn amber and yellow with age. Also, keep in mind that such finish requires more frequent maintenance, but is cheap to purchase.
  • Moisture-cured urethane - This type of finish is the most durable and moisture-resistant among surface finishes. It is extremely difficult to apply, thus is not recommended for a "DIY project". Once applied, it has a strong odour and as water-based finishes, it takes two to three hours for moisture-cured finishes to dry, but in humid conditions. It is mainly used on floors where high traffic is expected to be received, and it is available in gloss or satin. Additionally you have the option to choose between non-yellowing and the ambering type.
  • Conversion varnish - Conversion varnish finish is also known as "Swedish finish" due to its origin. It is a hard and durable, non-yellowing finish which has the ability to keep its natural look for long time. This type of surface finish is difficult to apply and it is better to be carried out by a professional. Like moisture-cured urethane finish, it has a very strong odor when applied, and it takes about eight hours to dry. In terms of appearance it is available in clear or slight amber.
  • Penetrating finishes:
  • Linseed oil - Linseed oil is environment friendly oil which has been used for centuries and is also known as drying oil. Its main characteristic is that it dries slowly, but it will get harder and stronger by absorbing air over the time.
  • Tung oil - This is probably the most popular of penetrating finishes for hardwood floors. It is easy to apply, and once applied it gives to the floor a slightly amber appearance. It is environmental friendly product and it doesn't darken the timber.
  • Danish oil - This is a mixture of varnish and Tung oil. It is an environmental and durable product that is easy to apply and provides a hard-wearing finish to the floor. Once applied it offers the floor a natural satin seen and usually three coats are required for a better result. Depending on the blend and the amount of coats being used, its drying time varies between 7 to 24 hours. Lastly, due to the fact that is food safe, Danish oil is recommended for places like restaurants or children's playrooms.

I hope that explains how different finishes for hardwood floors are used and why they should be consider, if we've missed something or you want to add please comment below!

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Top Tips to Prevent Moisture from Damaging Your Wood Floors

Specifically, changes in temperature and humidity can cause discoloration, cupping, or openings on your wood floor. Use these tips from the wood flooring experts at Floor Sanding Sutton to avoid summer moisture issues from damaging your hardwood flooring.

Has the humidity already taken over? Luckily, Floor Sanding Sutton provides top-of-the-line hardwood flooring restoration for floors affected by water damage.

How to Control Allergic

Extra moisture content and severe changes in the humidity level in your house lead to most of the major moisture problems with hardwood flooring. The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) suggests that humidity levels between 35 and 55 percent are ideal for your wood floors.

Too much moisture will result in self indulgent; (see photo) you can identify cupping in your floors when the outsides of these boards are higher than the insides.

Not only is essential to maintain the humidity down in your home, but you should also keep it constant. High fluctuations in humidity will lead to gaps in your floor. The best way to control the humidity will be by adding a dehumidifier or perhaps two, depending on the dimensions of your property. The dehumidifier will extract moisture from the air, and extend the life of your hardwood floors.

Useful Tip: You should be particularly worried about hardwood flooring on the ground level of your house because they're more prone to soaking up moisture in the floor.

How to Control Infection

Hardwoods behave like many other solid substances with changes in temperature. When heated, they expand; when chilled they contract. Changes in temperature do not affect hardwoods as badly as moisture and humidity, but you should try and keep the warmth in your home fairly consistent for the best results with your hardwood flooring. Continuous growth and contraction weakens the wood.

Whether you're searching for water damage fix or a completely customized installment, we will look after it all! Speak to the award-winning professionals in Floor Sanding Sutton now to look after your following wood flooring job. Additionally, visit Floor Sanding Sutton 's site for more useful hardwood floors hints and tricks.

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Traditional Style Wood Flooring

It may look as a contradiction in terms to say new standard style hardwood floors, but if you think about it, in every area of fashion and interiors producers are getting better and better at making new look older. While genuinely older is exactly what some people insist upon, the vast majority of us desire a traditional look that we can attain by investing in new products.

It may be that we need large squashy sofas covered in linen that look like it has stood the test of time, or rugs which have been aged to look worn in when actually they're brand new. You will find the idea. But it's possible without investing a fortune. And also you may have it without having to wait around for genuinely old bits to capture your attention or appear at the auction rooms.

One of the essential places to start to get the brand new conventional design look is with the ideal hardwood flooring. Previously, new traditional hardwood floors would have only comprised reclaimed appearance flooring, but today the old looking floor marketplace is a whole lot wider. This is excellent news if you are re-doing a space and need to avail of this old, yet new styling. We talked about a range of this form of flooring recently in this blog post. You will see when you examine the report, we compared the top 5 old style wood flooring options.

Obviously we comprised reclaimed wood flooring since it was the first, the first and will always be a huge part of the marketplace. In effect, while these timber flooring finishes are relatively new, they are all, without doubt, carrying on the look of an obsolete, traditional floor. And the great news is that aging effects are becoming better and better as time goes on.

Just a few years before, a floor that was artificially aged would have cried"I'm not really old -- I have just been made to look older!" (likely with three exclamation marks, not just one! ) ) . Thankfully this is not the situation.

New methods used to age floors and all other sorts of materials are being improved every day. You
just need to look at the denim jeans business to see that. If anybody had told your grandparents when they were young that during their life people would be paying extra to get a pair of jeans that were ripped, faded and worn looking, they would have laughed in your face (and, come to think about itthey probably still do).

Just a few generations before, real pride intended having something fresh that seemed new and cried out -- I have only been purchased with hard earned money. Nowadays people are looking for buys which are more understated.

At one stage not so long past, Spartan was something. Now, anyone who is anybody knows that a certain, dwelt in style works well regardless of whether it is for clothes or for insides. I am convinced there is an entirely formal psychology about it, but for me personally, once I enter someone's house and they have worked to make it appear cleverly lived-in, I find it very encouraging.

With (of course) a smart wood flooring background -- this one actually. What she has done is construct a space that looks like it is a smart mixture of heirlooms and contemporary pieces. She has joined modern accessories in vivid acid colors with neutral over-sized couches in washed out linens, sprinkled with cuddle-in sheepskin rugs that only make you wish to take up home. She actually has attained the new conventional style, beginning from her hardwood flooring upward. This means that you can do it as well. You do not have to spend a fortune to look like you've!

Together with of our new standard style hardwood floors presently available with 70% away, you're going to have the ability to spend the money that you save completing off your space in precisely how that you wish to. What is holding you back? You might have your area looking just how you need it to earlier than you think!